Corporate Social responsibility


VacuMetal believes in a responsible sustainable environmental policy. Not only because this policy is a logical step, but also a legacy to future generations. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Over the last few years, Vacumetal invested a lot in not only meeting, but also exceeding the legislative and regulatory requirements in Holland and Europe.
Vacumetal is Certified ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and REACH conform.


Vacumetal is a Lean-management driven organization. We strive in implicating our people in the changes and the improvements in order to achieve a better and more efficient company.

Vacumetal also believes in the principle of learning by doing which improves our productivity and effectivity.

Vacumetal dedicates a lot of time in regularly  training our people, not only in developing their skills but also to make them aware of the importance of our Safety and Health procedures. These are enforce on a daily basis.


Vacumetal has a “Best Available Technology” policy. Supplying our products to high-end customers in the cosmetic market, means that we have to keep up very high standards in every aspect of the process. (machines, software, raw materials, skills). This is however not enough. Vacumetal needs to test, develop, innovate in new techniques and technologies on daily basis. We believe in partnerships and we do not hesitate to turn to our (local) suppliers and clients to seek advice.


environmental friendly


Since 2008, we work with 100% dry lacquers (solvent free). By using these environmental friendly lacquers, we contribute, not only to a cleaner world, but we meet also a growing demand from our clients to conduct a responsible environmental policy.


Vacumetal is constantly finding new ways to enhance their efficiency and performance on energy consumption. A few examples:

Heat recovery
The use of alternative energies
Alternative production methods


A very important environmental measure was the reduction of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). We invested a lot in state of the art technology in fine dust and solvent cleansing treatment resulting in no fine dust emission and a VOC eradication efficiency of more than 95%